Tecnico Spa
Wellness Support

We are the only service provider in the field of sports equipment repair and maintenance, specializing in the wellness centers of large hotel units throughout Greece.
Meet us, Tecnico Spa Wellness Support

Hotel Spa, Technical Support & Equipment

We have been active in the area since 2010 and all these years we have the pleasure and honor of being trusted by most of the largest hotel units both in Crete and throughout Greece.

By Professional's side

Our goal is the most complete and best technical support in professional and particularly demanding areas such as 5-star hotels and their sports areas.

Solutions that suit the needs of each business depending on the customer profile.

Collaboration basically with European houses to ensure a high level of products.

Setting up all kinds of equipment.

Maintenance all kinds of machinery.

24-hour response to breakdowns

We are by your side when you need us. To provide solutions to every problem.

Immediate Damage Repair

Years of experience allow us to identify and repair any damage immediately.

Special studies for energy saving

We are fully qualified and guarantee constructions with low energy costs.

Smart, thought-out solutions for small spaces

We study your space and offer solutions in all dimensions.

Great flexibility in payment methods

The method of repayment of the project is done after consultation.

Planning the space from scratch

Each project is unique and special.

Some of our clients are, for example:


Minoa Palace

Thalassa Resort

Atlantica Kalliston

Atlantica Caldera

Tonic Fitness Academy

Albatros Span and Resort Hotel

Pilot Beach Resort

Aldemar Knossos Royal

Daios Cove

Euphoria Resort

Domus Noruz

Porto Platanias

Castelo Boutique Resort & Spa

Nana Princess

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We provide comprehensive support at the level of benefits as there is a full control of the equipment by the technical department after the sale.

Contact us in order to make you a proposal that will address the needs of your own business.